FAQ on Cybersecurity For Small Businesses

August 2, 2022


Cybersecurity For Small Businesses: Frequently-Asked Questions Answered

When we get confused about particular stuff, we can ask questions. The answers we get will guide us about the issues we have. Also, small business owners are not excluded from getting the same guidance. They ask lots of questions that can push their companies to the next level.

Most times, some of the questions small business owners ask are centre on cybersecurity and data privacy. This is an excellent development as it shows that small businesses also want to protect their data and customers.

So, in this blog post, we shall provide some of the questions that small businesses ask aboutCybersecurity and provide answers. 

5 Questions Small Business ask about Cybersecurity

Let us examine some of the questions small businesses ask. 

Do I need a Cybersecurity Expert? 

As there are numerous cybersecurity tips, small businesses want to know if they need to hire cybersecurity experts. Some also want to know if they must employ someone with a wealth of knowledge to check their systems periodically. 

The Answer

Yes, you need to hire a cybersecurity expert to handle your cybersecurity and data privacy needs. If you do not want to employ someone, you could outsource your IT needs to an expert company like Zendata. 

With their team of experts, they will look into your systems for vulnerabilities, fix them, and make recommendations for security in the long run. In addition, having an extra set of hands will give your in-house IT team enough time to focus on other things.

How much Training do we give our employees?

Now that small businesses know that staff training is crucial to cybersecurity and data privacy, they want to know what amount of training is okay. They also want to know where to start.

Business owners would like to find out whether they should first educate their employees about Cyber security or show them how to install an antivirus or create a password, etc. 

TheAnswer: No amount of training is too much for your employees. Always remember that staff training can only not be enough, but it can't be too much. On average, you could organize staff training monthly or bi-monthly. 

This practice will help keep your staff informed and not forget what they learn in a hurry. In addition, continuous staff training will make cybersecurity practice a part of your staff's lifestyle. 

However, knowing whereto start is not so big a deal. The cyber experts you entrust this responsibility to can recommend where to start. 

What are the Common Cyber Attacks Small businesses face?

Unlike back then, small businesses have now begun to meet the same fate of cyber-attacks as enterprises. Small businesses are not exempt from the cyber threat cycle. Most times, cybercriminals attack successfully because of their weak resistance.  


Small businesses face several cyber-attacks, which include phishing, deep fakes, cloud jacking, and ransomware. Research shows that phishing is small businesses' biggest and most common cyber-attack. It makes up 32% of data breaches and 78% of all cyber crimes.

What do we do in the case of a Breach?

Whether small businesses have the right technologies to combat cyber threats or not, data breaches can occur. Before these breaches, some businesses draw their IRP(Incident Response Plan). On the contrary, some businesses do not have any documents as such. This document often contains how an organization plans to react to a data breach when it occurs. 

TheAnswer: Statistics reveal that 30% of small-medium scale businesses do not have an incident response plan. If you are one of them, you'll have to get your IT Team or an external cybersecurity company like Zendata to figure things out for you when data breaches occur. 

These experts will identify the breach and the extent, then contain it. Next, they would assess the breach's impact and make recovery plans for you. Doing this might require the experts to shut down your systems. They would also have to contact your service providers or regulatory bodies that govern your region. 

Can Employees Use Personal Devices for Work?

If you want to know if it is safe for your employees to use their devices for work, we have something to tell you.

TheAnswer: It is only safe for your business to allow this if there is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)guideline  

Cybersecurity and data privacy concerns are on the rise for small businesses. This matter bothers them so much that they ask questions about what they must do.

We believe some of the questions we've addressed will guide you. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Zendata. We are always available.