Why Customers Choose Zendata

“Zendata's product simplifies the process of integrating and processing data, which can save time and reduce errors. It also includes data governance features that help ensure data quality, which can improve the accuracy of decision-making.”

  • Facundo R.
  • Facundo R.



“I found the app to be user-friendly, with a clean and intuitive interface that made it easy to navigate and use. The security features were also impressive, with encryption and auditing features that made me feel confident that my data was safe and secure. Additionally, the data visualisation tools helped analyse my data and gain insights for my work.”

  • Consumer Services Professional
  • Consumer Services Professional

“I highly recommend this software to anyone looking to take their data security to new heights. It's a must-have for every organisation serious about safeguarding personal information and preventing potential threats.”

  • Mario B.
  • Mario B.

    C-Suite Executive

    C-Suite Executive

How It Works

Privacy Mapper scans, identifies and protects Personally Identifiable Information across your entire IT infrastructure.



Integrate all data sources, databases and IT environments both on-prem and in the cloud to establish a unified data management framework.


Conduct thorough scans of your data environments by employing intelligent algorithms to accurately classify PII and ensure no sensitive data goes unnoticed.


Generate detailed reports that pinpoint data risks and provide actionable insights for effective risk mitigation and improved data security.

Why Privacy Mapper?

Transform your data security and privacy compliance with a tool that helps you secure sensitive data within your IT environment.

Privacy Mapper enhances your data security and compliance strategy by clearly mapping your data’s journey, rules and dependencies, to provide comprehensive visibility into data movement and transformation. These insights transform data management and enable proactive protection and regulatory compliance.


Comprehensive Data Mapping

Empower your team to confidently navigate and govern every aspect of your data landscape, ensuring thorough protection and visibility of critical data touchpoints.


Proactive Risk Identification

Safeguard your data environment by identifying potential vulnerabilities and preparing for evolving data protection regulations with advanced analytics.


Streamlined Compliance Processes

Transform compliance into a seamless, intuitive aspect of your operations and align with global standards like GDPR and CCPA.


Enhanced Decision-Making Capabilities

Leverage a comprehensive view of your data architecture to enable informed, strategic decision-making and reinforce data-driven leadership.


Customisable Alert System

Maintain data integrity with a tailored alert system that promptly notifies your team of critical changes or potential breaches in your data environment.


Improved Data Stewardship

Embed a proactive data protection mindset across your organisation by integrating data stewardship into every role, fostering a culture of responsibility and awareness.

Protect Your Sensitive Data

Map and Classify Your PII for Enhanced Data Privacy Management


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