Why Customers Choose Zendata

“The best part of Zendata is that it does very complicated stuff but makes it very simple to do. Security is technical and I dont have 20 hours to figure each part out. I can run a scan, do an audit, etc and it tells me what is wrong and what I need to do. Huge time and headache saver.”

  • David T.
  • David T.



“With Zendata, I've got a trusty sidekick looking out for my business online. It keeps things running smoothly, alerts me to potential issues, and gives that extra confidence boost knowing we're secure. For someone juggling many tasks, this kind of support is invaluable.”

  • Orlando P.
  • Orlando P.

    Business Owner

    Business Owner

“Zendata's no-code privacy management software platform is an exceptional solution for organizations seeking an easy-to-implement and comprehensive tool to manage their data privacy needs. With its user-friendly interface, robust compliance management features, and excellent customer support, Zendata proves to be a valuable asset for businesses of all sizes.”

  • Adriel A.
  • Adriel A.

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Co-Founder & CEO

How It Works

Web Scanner helps you scan and remediate privacy and data risks across a variety of surfaces from apps to websites, pinpointing operational processes and potential threats, while automating region-specific risk assessments for effective risk management.



Easily connect Web Scanner to your digital platforms, including websites and APIs, for thorough, automated scanning.


Web Scanner’s AI and NLP technologies swiftly analyse your digital assets, pinpointing privacy risks and ensuring compliance.


Access detailed, actionable reports and dashboards for a clear overview of your privacy, compliance and security risks.


Continuous updates to our scanning capabilities safeguards your business from emerging threats and ensures ongoing compliance with evolving regulations.

Why Web Scanner

Mitigate privacy risks and maintain compliance with a solution that comprehensively scans and secures your customer-facing surfaces.

Web Scanner addresses the complex challenges of privacy, compliance and data risk management across websites, APIs, SDKs and more, to ensure your digital presence is secure and compliant.  With Web Scanner, you can confidently manage privacy risks, align with data protection regulations and safeguard your business.


Enhanced Digital Transparency

Achieve a comprehensive understanding of your digital operations, ensuring every aspect is transparent and secure.


Proactive Cybersecurity Posture

Strengthen your defenses against digital threats, enhancing the resilience and safety of your online presence.


Streamlined Compliance Management

Simplify the alignment of your digital operations with regional and global regulations, ensuring effective compliance.


Adaptive Regulatory Response

Stay ahead of changing data privacy laws, ensuring your digital operations are consistently compliant.


Robust Third-Party Risk Management

Enhance the security and compliance of your third-party partnerships, fortifying your digital supply chain.


Advanced Data Stewardship

Utilise AI-driven insights for a more nuanced approach to privacy compliance, aligning data processes with regulatory standards.

Master Your Compliance

Gain Advanced Protection and Seamless Privacy Management Across Your Public Assets


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