Why Customers Choose Zendata

“Zendata's product simplifies the process of integrating and processing data, which can save time and reduce errors. It also includes data governance features that help ensure data quality, which can improve the accuracy of decision-making.”

  • Facundo R.
  • Facundo R.



“I found the app to be user-friendly, with a clean and intuitive interface that made it easy to navigate and use. The security features were also impressive, with encryption and auditing features that made me feel confident that my data was safe and secure. Additionally, the data visualisation tools helped analyse my data and gain insights for my work.”

  • Consumer Services Professional
  • Consumer Services Professional

“I highly recommend this software to anyone looking to take their data security to new heights. It's a must-have for every organisation serious about safeguarding personal information and preventing potential threats.”

  • Mario B.
  • Mario B.

    C-Suite Executive

    C-Suite Executive

How It Works

We employ detection, prevention and correction controls that incorporate privacy features to protect your sensitive data and address LLM risks.



Gain context to frame risks related to an AI system, considering its intended purposes, potential impacts and deployment settings.


Gain a framework for mapping, measuring and managing AI risks throughout the AI lifecycle and align this with organisational risk tolerance and priorities.


Prioritise and mitigate any identified AI risks based on their likelihood and impact.

Why Zendata AI Governance?

Zendata AI Governance mitigates AI adoption risks to enable organisational agility.

We help you address privacy concerns and protect you from risks to your Intellectual Property, allowing you to maintain a competitive edge.


Contextual Data Usage

Understand the complete narrative of how your data is used within the business to enhance your decision-making and secure AI deployment.


Seamless Compliance

Adapt to new regulations like the EU AI Act or the Biden Administration Executive Order without overwhelming your team and losing momentum.


Enable Innovation

Remove barriers to innovation by using Zendata to manage your data securely and efficiently, allowing you to focus on growth.


Collaborative Data Environments

Foster a collaborative environment with tools that enhance teamwork and promote secure data sharing within the organisation.


Risk Identification

Manage risks proactively, including those from third-parties and unmonitored AI applications to ensure no sensitive data is compromised.


IP and Brand Protection

Manage risks to your intellectual property and brand reputation to secure your market position and stay ahead of competition.

Secure Your AI Systems Today

Protect Data, Enable Innovation and Promote Growth


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