Why Customers Choose Zendata

“Zendata addresses the concern of data privacy and potential vulnerabilities in our codebase. For a developer, this means less time spent on manual audits and a more streamlined code review process, as potential issues are highlighted well in advance”

  • Gabriel M.
  • Gabriel M.

“As an Engineering Manager, ensuring that our development doesn't stray from our core principles, especially concerning privacy, is crucial. Zendata has been instrumental in this.”

  • Alberto S.
  • Alberto S.

    Engineering Manager

    Engineering Manager

“I highly recommend this software to anyone looking to take their data security to new heights. It's a must-have for every organisation serious about safeguarding personal information and preventing potential threats.”

  • Mario B.
  • Mario B.

    C-Suite Executive

    C-Suite Executive

How It Works

Effortlessly integrate PII Guardian with your existing development tools and verify your codebase compliance and data security in real time.



Connect PII Guardian to your code repository or use our CLI tool.


PII Guardian analyses and tracks sensitive data throughout your source code.


Detailed reports and interactive dashboards provide a complete overview of your security status and compliance.

Why PII Guardian

Empower your developers with a tool that enhances data security and reduces the risk of vulnerabilities and data leaks.

PII Guardian is a static code analysis tool that identifies and manages Personally Identifiable Information (PII) within software applications and codebases. It automatically detects PII violations and vulnerabilities, offering insights and recommendations to secure your code effectively.


Data Visibility

Gain a clear understanding of your sensitive data's journey within your codebase, enabling you to manage and protect it effectively.


Automated PII Scans

Automate your codebase scans during the CI/CD process for swift detection and resolution of PII issues, ensuring continuous compliance and data integrity.


Best Practice Recommendations

Receive contextual best practice guidance tailored to your specific challenges, helping you resolve issues and secure PII more effectively.


Developer-Centric Tool

Integrate privacy seamlessly into your development workflow with a tool designed for developers, embedding privacy by design into every stage of your software creation process.


Security “Hotspot” Identification

Identify and focus on critical areas in your codebase that demand heightened security measures, enhancing your overall data protection strategy.


Comprehensive Reporting

Access detailed reports and interactive dashboards for a holistic view of your data security and compliance status, empowering you to make informed decisions and improvements.

Experience The Future of Secure Coding

Gain Instant Visibility Into the Security of Your Development Pipelines


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