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Manage data security and risk
across your entire tech stack

From your public facing web applications 
to codebases

You know that your applications are constantly under security risk, but knowing how to handle these risks and maintain compliance can be overwhelming.

That’s why we created ZenData – to provide you with an easy-to-understand security and privacy assessment, proven recommendations, and consulting for mitigating issues.

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Specially built for consumer companies including Fintech, eCommerce, Healthtech
Zendata is your no code privacy solution
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Learn About Your Data Security Risks

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Get Easy to Understand Reports and Recommendations

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Continuously Monitors for Vulnerabilities

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Have Confidence In Mitigating Your Application and Asset Risks

We understand your security and compliance challenges

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“It's the things we're not aware of, but are responsible for, that is our biggest fear.”

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“We work across a lot of different industries. If there's a leak it will lose credibility for us, but our client could lose their compliance. No one would work with us.”

Privacy & Security
Compliance Can Be
ZenData Makes It Easy

Protect your customers' personal information and ensure compliance with global privacy laws with ZenData's 
no-code platform. Our data mapping tools and cookie consent management solutions allow your IT department to control and manage data and security with ease, without requiring a cybersecurity specialist.

With ZenData’s no-code privacy compliance platform, you won’t need a cybersecurity specialist to do this. Your IT group will have the ability to control and manage your company’s data and security using our data mapping tools and cookie consent management solutions.

Website / Apps - Zendata

Website / Apps

Your customer-facing assets where the data collection/shaping occurs

Devices / Databases - Zendata

Devices / Databases

When the information is stored

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Source code with data flows and third-party components

How to get started quickly

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Receive a comprehensive assessment and help if needed to mitigate concerns
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Know that your tech stack is consistently reviewed, compliant and secure

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How ZenData Works

Data protection - Zendata

Data protection

Simple, effective cloud data protection

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Machine Learning

Machine learning based critical remediation

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Embedded privacy APIs in SDLC

Zendata - APIs, Machine Learning, Rules Engine, Open Source Libraries

Put your customers privacy concerns at ease* and
comply with regulations

Failure to meet requirements - Zendata

Failure to meet requirements

79% of organization are failing to meet the GDPR’s requirements

Ignorance - Zendata


29% don’t consider themselves knowledgeable about the GDPR regulation

Non-compiance - Zendata


Just in the EU, 23 million businesses are non-compliant (~30% of total bisinesses)

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*Get Your Proprietary Privacy and Security Score

Boost customer conversions by upto 2-3x via Trust and Privacy Preservation

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Don't get left behind


US National Cyber Security Alliance

of small and mid-sized businesses reported suffering at least one cyber attack in the last year


US National Cyber Security Alliance

of small businesses that are victims of a cyber attack go out of business within six months.