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AI that alerts you when your privacy fly is down

Real-time extraction, monitoring and remediation of data and privacy risk

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Manage data security & risk across your entire stack

From your web applications to codebase

Website / Apps - Zendata

Website / Apps

Your customer-facing assets where the data collection/shaping occurs

Devices / Databases - Zendata

Devices / Databases

When the information is stored

Codebase - Zendata


Source code with data flows and third-party components

Privacy is a growing concern

Distrust with how companies handle data arises due to data breaches, sharing/selling of personal information, and targeted advertising without consent, eroding trust between companies and customers.

Don’t forfeit your customers’ trust by exposing them to privacy risks. Ensure their individual privacy and also protect your organization’s sensitive information with our data protection plans. Our privacy program will safe-keep all of your company's data. And for your enterprise's continuity, our privacy compliance software will safeguard you from paying fines for non-compliance with security policies.

Fines - Zendata


All indicators point to continued increase in enforcement

Indicators - Zendata
Breaches - Zendata


28% of breaches are at SMB’s

Threat - Zendata
Concern - Zendata


Customer concerns about data has grown exponentially since the pandemic

Data protected - Zendata

Privacy Compliance Can Be Complicated but ZenData Makes It Easy

Protect your customers' personal information and ensure compliance with global privacy laws with ZenData's no-code platform. Our data mapping tools and cookie consent management solutions allow your IT department to control and manage data and security with ease, without requiring a cybersecurity specialist. Comply with privacy regulations and safeguard your business growth with ZenData.

With ZenData’s no code privacy compliance platform, you won’t need a cybersecurity specialist to do this. Your IT department will already have the ability to control and manage your company’s data and security using our data mapping tools and cookie consent management solutions.

Data protection - Zendata

Data protection

Simple, effective cloud data protection

Machine Learning - Zendata

Machine Learning

Machine learning based critical remediation

Embedded privacy - Zendata


Embedded privacy APIs in SDLC

Zendata - APIs, Machine Learning, Rules Engine, Open Sourse Libraries

Put your customers privacy concerns at ease* and comply with regulations

Failure to meet requirements - Zendata

Failure to meet requirements

79% of organization are failing to meet the GDPR’s requirements

Ignorance - Zendata


29% don’t consider themselves knowledgeable about the GDPR regulation

Non-compiance - Zendata


Just in the EU, 23 million businesses are non-compliant (~30% of total bisinesses)

Myth & Reality - Zendata

*Privacy First Badge and Score

Boost customer conversions by upto 2-3x via Trust and Privacy Preservation

Proprietary Privacy Score - Zendata

Don't get left behind


Of the world will have personal info covered under primary regulations by 2023


By 2023, 1 million+ Organizations will have privacy officers.