Why Customers Choose Zendata

“Zendata Cookie Consent helps me identify and categorize the cookies deployed on webpages. After that, it helps to generate or update relevant policies for legal compliance purposes. Furthermore, the tool helps me manage user consent.”

  • Senior IT Professional
  • Senior IT Professional

“Zendata effectively solves the problem of managing and streamlining the tag audit process for me. The platform assists in identifying broken tags, outdated third-party vendors, and other performance issues across all versions of my website.”

  • Soodong P.
  • Soodong P.

    Group Product Manager

    Group Product Manager

“With Zendata, I've got a trusty sidekick looking out for my business online. It keeps things running smoothly, alerts me to potential issues, and gives that extra confidence boost knowing we're secure. For someone juggling many tasks, this kind of support is invaluable.”

  • Orlando P.
  • Orlando P.

    Business Owner

    Business Owner

How It Works

Cookie Consent delivers an automated, user-friendly experience for effective and compliant consent management.



Detect and identify all cookies and trackers on your website automatically.


Use AI-powered tools to accurately and efficiently categorise cookies and trackers.


Integrate customisable, compliant cookie consent modules to manage user preferences.

Why Cookie Consent?

Transform your approach to user consent collection and management and automate your compliance with evolving global privacy standards.

Adapt to the dynamic landscape of digital privacy with an automated cookie and tracker identification solution for your website.  Simplify the task of staying compliant while enhancing the user experience by making consent collection and management transparent and user-centric.


Automated Regulatory Compliance

Keep your website aligned with the latest global privacy regulations and eliminate the complexity of manual compliance updates.


Trust-Building Transparency

Enhance user confidence with a clear, straightforward cookie consent process to reinforce your commitment to privacy and transparency.


Adaptive Real-Time Updates

Remain compliant with an intelligent system that adapts to regulatory changes in real time and ensures your website is always up to date.


Efficient Consent Management

Streamline the process of obtaining and managing user consent to significantly reduce the administrative burden and enhance operational efficiency.

Empower Users With Clarity And Control

Implement Your User-Friendly Consent Management Solution Today


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