Smoothing Your Company’s Data Privacy

August 2, 2022

Making your Company's Data Privacy work Smoothly

Businesses can experience hassles at different points due to different factors. One of the problems that businesses encounter is related to data privacy. These issues could result from both internal and external factors. Wherever they come from, you can mitigate them.

To better understand data privacy, we shall examine some of your data that might not be private despite data privacy legislation. We shall also explain how to make your business data privacy work smoothly.

Some of your Company's Data which might not be Private

Online services need your data to serve you better. One of the ways they achieve this is to provide you with personalized content. So, they won't back down from accessing some of your content without your notice. 

Browsing History

When you go online, web owners use cookies monitor what you do on their websites. They check what you do on their websites, which pages you visit, etc. They either use session cookies, persistent cookies, and other types.

For instance, if you visit a website with a persistent cookie, it will remember you whenever you visit next. It will remember your username/email and password, the products(s)you add to a cart, etc.

Purchase History

Websites that want to sell to you use your purchase history to make more suggestions. This process is typical with eCommerce sites. They advertise more products to you based on what you buy on their sites or what you add to your cart.

Let's say you add a set of non-stick frying pans to your cart on Amazon. There is a tendency that you'll find that item on other websites you visit. Websites use this process for re marketing. 


Most online businesses use your location to serve you strategic content. For example, imagine typing' towing companies near me' to Google while you're in Cleveland, OH. This website might detect your location by collecting your IP (Internet Protocol) address or requesting access to your location on your device. 

One of these ways(among others) is how Google or other search engines would make you a list of towing companies in Cleveland, OH, and not Los Angeles, CA. 

Search History

When we do online searches, our browsers store our activities. Internet service providers, websites, search engines, etc., can view these search histories. They use these search histories to track us online or make suggestions for future searches.

How to make your Company's Data Privacy run Smoothly

Although some of your company's data might not be private, there are still a few things to minimize the over-exposure of data.

Don't Underrate Cyber Threats

Cyber threats are no joke, and you should not treat them as that. Do all you can to secure your data and mitigate risks. Set up data protection measures to combat the various security threats cybercriminals can pose to your business. 

Block Cookies

It is not a must to accept cookies. Also, you can automatically block cookies through some browsers. If you have accepted some cookies in the past, you can also delete them. You can also opt out of personalized advertising that social media platforms do to you.

Delete Stored Information

You can request websites and social media sites to delete your data if you don't want them stored anymore. For instance, you can ask Google to delete your information onYouTube, Chrome, and a few other products they own.

Likewise, you can askFacebook to delete the information they have about you. 

Know what you're getting into

When you connect with other websites and vendors, do your due diligence. For example, read their privacy and cookie policies and see if they match your company's privacy policies. 

Look through their policies for how they will use your customers' data, store, protect it, and who they will share it with. Read your partners' policies thoroughly, just as your customers need to read yours.

Invest in Technology

Do away with old and crude practices. Instead, embrace new work practices, data privacy, and protection technologies. This method will yield maximal results for your business and give you cutting-edge results and a smooth work experience.

Data privacy issues can put a pause on your company's success. To avoid this, you must first understand some of your company's data that are not entirely private. This step will guide you to take steps that will secure your data and save you from encountering cyber threats. 

Suppose you need help running your business smoothly by protecting your data and adhering to the data privacy legislation in your region.

In that case, you can always reach out to our team at Zendata. We'll be glad to help you.