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August 2, 2022

Data Protection: Why you shouldn't Delay to Protect your Network

When people bake, they often wait till the end of the process before they add icing to the cake. Only this approach can make the cake turn out well. So, understanding what approach works when dealing with something is key to success.

Unlike in baking, data protection is not some icing on the cake. A data protection and data privacy company understand that it should not be an afterthought. It would help if you cemented it inside your company's plans and processes. This blogpost will show you how to do that and why you should do it now.

Strategies for Data Protection in your Organization

Data protection might be a struggle if you do not know the right strategy to achieve them. A data protection strategy helps you organize data protection measures and standardize the security of sensitive data in your company. Let's examine some of them.

Lifecycle Management

Data goes through a lifecycle. It begins with creation (collection) and then moves on to storing, archiving, and deletion. When you take sensitive information through data lifecycle management, you can easily monitor it.

Risk Management

Your team must first determine what data risks exist. This will help you know what you have to guard against and how to mitigate them.


Backup has become a necessity in data protection. It is one of the ways by which organizations can duplicate their data and let it serve as an additional source in the case of a breach.

Ensure to indicate in your business continuity and disaster recovery plan which data to back up. The plan should also outline which device to use for backup and the data recovery mode.

Access Control

Data is a luxury, and your company must treat it as such. Also, because it is a luxury, only select people should have access to it. You should limit the number of employees accessing your company's and customers' data in whichever form you store.

Meanwhile, the few with access to the data should not wield absolute power over the data. You must always monitor their interactions with the data. Monitor them for inappropriate sharing of passwords, decryption keys, etc. Also, ensure they do not tamper with data integrity. They should also maintain data availability when necessary.

Data Protection Policies and Regulatory Compliance

Protecting sensitive data in your organization means you must have a documented plan that reflects your data protection methods and mode of implementation. Likewise, you must be ready to comply with all data protection regulations and industry standards.

Why you should Implement Data Protection in your Organization

Here, we shall discuss the importance of protecting sensitive data in your organization.

Insider Threats

Insiders also pose risks to a company's security. Therefore, data protection helps you keep an eye on them. It also allows you to monitor when they access the company's data, what they do with it, and if they share.

You Attack first

Data protection makes you approach things with an offensive security mindset. It helps you to assume the role of a hacker, look for a vulnerability in your system, computer, or network, and penetrate it. You can then fix it before the bad guys get access to it.

Data Privacy

Your company needs privacy and so do your customers. Data privacy is not ascertained if no data protection measures exist.

It won't matter if you get the best legal brain to draw your privacy policy if you don't invest in data protection.Simply put, data protection ensures data privacy. It helps you fulfill your privacy policy promises to your customers.


Data breaches multiply by the day as cybercriminals do not relent in their adventures to attack companies. Hackers would find it impossible to get into your systems to steal your data or infect your files with malware. Data protection keeps you safe in times of attack.

Regulatory Policies

Protecting your customers' data helps you stay in compliance with regulatory requirements. It saves you the penalty of leaving your customers' data insecure. While non-compliant companies are caught on the web of eternal court cases and paying huge fines, your company will be free.

To stay in operation, you must pay attention to data protection and make it the core of your business. It would be best if you did not wait till there is a breach before you act. If you need a data privacy company to show you how to protect your company's and customers' data, Zendata is available.
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