iOS 15 – Its New Privacy Features that take Marketers by Storm

May 3, 2022

Companies that understand and play by the privacy rules will continue to lead in the technology industry. One of the giants who understand privacy is Apple. This insight recently led to more privacy features in the iOS 15.

As outstanding as customers might find this feature, marketers would not feel the same way. This is because some of their non-permitted marketing efforts would be constricted. This article will explain the new privacy features of iOS 15 and how it affects marketers.

The iOS 15 New Privacy Features

Think about a world where there are no privacy restrictions. Of course, many people would love it, with marketers topping the list. Luckily, privacy laws give no room for such. Instead, customers must have the liberty to control how companies access and use their data.

Apple caters to this need through its latest iOS version. So now, let us examine the features of the operating system version.

1.    Hide my Email Address

The 'Hide my Email Address' feature secures your exact email address from marketers who randomly gather email addresses and send promotional information to your inbox. With this feature, you can create an anonymous email address.

To create one on your iOS 15-powered iPhone, go to "settings" and click on your name at the screen top. When a new screen pops up, go to ‘iCloud,’ then click on ‘Hide my Email.’

Next, go to ‘Create New Address.’ When you click that button, a random email address that ends with '' will be created and sent to your inbox. If you do not like this random address, you can click 'Use Different Address' to see a new one. If satisfied, click ‘Continue.'

If marketers begin to spam you, you can deactivate the email address. Return to ‘Hide my Email,’select the email address, and tap ‘deactivate email address.’ This saves you from the struggle of unsubscribing from a service, especially those that take a lengthy process.

2.    Track Permissions for App Developers

App developers often track app consumers and show them ads when they visit some websites or use some apps. The iOS 15 lets you get notifications when apps ask for permissions to track you.

To turn on this notification, go to 'Settings' on your iPhone, click ‘Privacy’ then ‘Tracking’ and enable ‘Allow Apps to Request to Track.’ This feature does not guarantee that all apps will not track you, as some of them don't ask for permissions.

However, it will save you a lot of stress. Also, marketers will not get information about the websites you visit or other apps you use anymore.

3.    Protect Mail Activity

Marketers are like email hawks. They are always searching for the next available email to add to their lists. When they email you, they can monitor your email activity.

Some email marketing tools they use inform them if you’ve read your email, the number of clicks you made, plus your location. The Protect Mail Activity feature disables this access to your email information.

Enable this feature on your iOS mobile device by clicking ‘Settings > Mail > PrivacyProtection' and turning on ‘Protect Mail Activity.’ After enabling this feature, your IP address is hidden, and marketers cannot track your mail activity anymore.

4.    Hide your IP Address with iCloud Private Relay

This privacy feature is exclusive to iCloud subscribers and Safari browser users. iCloudPrivate Relay hides your IP address and creates an anonymous one for you based on a general region.

This way, marketers and even Apple cannot control or monitor your internet activity. To enable the feature, go to Settings > click your name > Cloud > turn on‘Private Relay (Beta)’ > IP Address Location.

5.    Share Approximate Location

Hiding your location is now possible with the iOS 15. However, if you wish not to share your exact location with an app, you can provide an approximate. Go to Settings > Privacy >turn on 'Location Services.'

Then, under the app list, select the one you want to hide your exact location from. Then you can choose to share location 'While Using' the app or ‘Always.’ Then turnoff ‘Precise Location.’

Marketers won’t get the exact area you're browsing from, and it would disrupt their targeting efforts towards you.

The iOS 15 has a top-tier privacy system. To enjoy this privacy luxury, upgrade your iPhone to the latest version. For more help with privacy, connect with us at Zendata.