Worried about your privacy online?

ZenData's Privacy score, much like a credit score, helps to understand how a company may use or manage your data.

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ZenData's Privacy score helps how to use or manage your dataPrivacy score helps you with your data - ZendataPrivacy online - Zendata
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Sick of annoying consent banners?

You can audit what consent was provided where and all data is stored locally.

View and change data on cites - Zendata

*Want to opt-out of tracking

One click is all it takes. Browser extension makes it easy to opt-out of tracking by major ad-networks

Want to opt-out of tracking -  Zendata

Protect your personal information

You do not wish to share your personal information, but a site won’t let you access their services without it. ZenData's browser extension can create randomized data you can use for forms without compromising your PII.

Random Data Generator - Zendata

Ways to protect your privacy