How to interpret your Privacy Score?

Our goal is to make privacy risk clear and easy. We represent privacy risk in two ways: First,on a hundred-point scale and second in terms of a risk assessment (High, Medium, Low).

We calculate and present this information on your dashboard's landing page and update it every time your scheduled report runs. Each score and assessment is dynamic and changes with the updates to your website/apps, so it captures new fixes, bugs, and gaps to prevent regulatory action and minimize financial exposure.

Each Privacy Score and Risk gives you an instant privacy level ranking.

Where can you find privacy score and risk?

To find your score and risk, either run a one-time report or select one of your existing reports. Privacy score and risk are represented right on the landing page and describe when the report last ran. This allows you to assess changes in risks over time and implement and track risk mitigation actions.

Screenshot above shows Privacy Risk of NYtimes for Argentina on 03-30-2021

How is the score calculated?

The score gets calculated using various attributes on your internet-facing assets, which could cause non-compliance and regulatory action in your selected jurisdiction. We check your site against 1000+ data collection mechanisms, your privacy policy (which we process using advanced Machine Learning and Natural Language methodologies), and emulate 2000 devices. Each check we perform results in a score aggregated to generate the final rating and represented on a 3-degree scale with thresholds for low, medium, and high-risk levels.

There is a mathematical formula for how the privacy score is calculated, taking into account the level of risk from an attribute and the consequences of such a risk.

How do you interpret my score?

Your score is: 0-40

This is the lowest end of the scale, it means you have a low aggregate privacy risk on your site. We recommend checking the component breakdown to assess if the scores are in line with your policies.

Your score is: 40-65

Your privacy risk is Medium and you have few severity findings to take care of.

If your score is between 40-65, you have several medium severity privacy vulnerabilities on your site. About 75% of our users have at least some medium vulnerabilities. When these vulnerabilities are combined, they can pose a very high risk, so we recommend you fix them ASAP.

Your score is: 65-100

You have several severe vulnerabilities which should be addressed as soon as possible.

A score between 65-100 means you have one or more critical privacy issues. These should be addressed immediately.

If you have additional questions about the score or need help interpreting the results, send us a note at and we would be more than happy to help you.

Hope this helps. Cheers!
The Zendata Team